Bèla Adler and Salvador Fresneda are a couple of Catalan photographers based between Barcelona and New York. They met in 1989 in a Duane Michals seminar. Two years later they started working together on a project assigned by Camper (The Spanish shoe company).

Bèla has a degree in Graphic Design and studied Fine Arts and Art History at the University of Barcelona. She studied in Berkeley at the Fine Art Department. In 1985/86 worked one year at the graphic department of the I.C.P. in New York and attended a course on photography at the same I.C.P. Back in Spain, she took a seminar in Madrid with Joel-Peter Witkin, getting a sponsorship to continue her personal projects.

Salvador is a self-made man, with a special gift for lighting and space. He also went through graphic design and attended a photography school in Barcelona. Actually, he combines photography with industrial design and interior design. He is, so to say an industrial archaeologist. He finds impressive industrial objects in markets that after transforming them, rents or uses for his own productions.

Ever since they met they have worked together, both shooting for same job. They produce and art direct almost all their works, casting, location and digital post-production.

Some of their fashion clients include Burberry, Mango, Camper, Woman Secret, Vanity Fair, Loewe, Cortefiel, Caroche, Levi’s (European Campaign), Gap, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Martha Stewart, Anthropologie, Elisabeth Arden, Nordstrom, Zara, Trucco …

Editorials for Spanish Vogue, Elle (Dutch), Marie Claire, El Pais, AB, Big, Matador, BGuided, Vanidad, Glamour (Spanish & German), GQ, Yo Dona, Madame, Si Style, Woman…

Advertising Campaigns for BMW, DEWARS, JB, BALANTINES, FIAT, NISSAN, ERICKSON, NIKE, ROWENTA, MAGNUM (FRIGO, movie and graphic worldwide), TOUS, ROCA…

In 1994 awarded with the European Graphic Campaign for Levi’s.
In 1995 for the catalogue of fashion designer Antonio Miro in the British DAD Annual.
In 1999 awarded by the European Design Annual for Camper Shoe Promotion World Wide Campaign.
In 2003 the Grand Prix of the Festival de Publicidad de San Sebastian, for Kiwi promotion.
In 2004 silver award on Graphics at the Sol Festival of San Sebastian for the BMWZ4 campaign.
In 2006 bronze award for the Magnum Campaign in Latin America.
In 2006 golden award Laus for anti drugs campaign.
In 2010 silver award for Matsu at Best Pack (modality of packaging) in Alimentaria Fair from Barcelona.